Outer Skin

  • The mold is waxed
  • The gelcoat is sprayed down and partially cured
  • The first ply of dry glass is in 1/2 of mold
All plies of dry glass are in mold
  • After glass comes a layer of peel ply
  • Then a layer of infusion media (enkafusion in this case)
  • Then the resin delivery lines
  • The the vacuum take up chanels at top
  • Next is the vacuum bag and connections
  • When the system is checked for being airtight resin is mixed
  • Resin is de-aired
  • Resin is allowed to infuse the part
  • When resin has infused the part the resin delivery tubes are shut off.
  • One big advantage to this system is that much of the styrene is trapped under the bag. I still wore an organic vapor mask, gloves and eye protection during the entire operation.
  • Once the resin gelled I got out of the house for a couple of days, but left the windows open.
All of the infusion stuff is removed. There is a little too much resin pooling in the skeg. :(